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Choose from multiple local carriers and/or plans including unlimited local and long distance all on one bill!  

From numeric paging to two way communication, Skytel is the solution for advanced messaging.

Listed below are the largest national carriers along with their featured plans and featured phones.  

VOIP (broadband phone)
Welcome to the next generation in VOIP solutions. Choose from two different unlimited service plans.

Plans featuring the best carriers when considering price, features, reliability and customer satisfaction.  

Consolidate and manage all of your voicemail accounts, fax, and emails into one central place.

Featured Plan for Maryland
COMCAST TRIPLE PLAY: Digital Phone, High Speed Internet, & Digital TV
Unlimited Long Distance
Blazingly fast Internet Speeds
Caller ID, Call Waiting, voicemail and more
dozens of Crystal Clear H.D. Channels


Residential Phone Service
Home Free Complete

$44.95 / month
Free Included Features:
Unlimited Local, Regional and
Domestic Long Distance
One Bill from One Company
No fee to switch your phone service
Caller ID, Call Waiting,
Anonymous Call Rejection
3 way Conference Calling
Call waiting ID with name

Home Free Local

$32.95 / month
Free Included Features:
Unlimited Local & Regional Calling
Low Long Distance Rates
One Bill from One Company
No fee to switch your phone service
Caller ID, Call Waiting,
Anonymous Call Rejection
3 way Conference Calling
Call waiting ID with name

Quick Tip: Caller ID enables you see the name and telephone number of the person calling before you answer the phone. This service may have an additional fee and does require a separate caller ID unit or a built in Caller ID phone receiver.



* Prices for MCI Neighborhood Phone Service plans vary by Location. To determine pricing and eligibility, you must enter a current landline phone number on the following page. Your number will be kept confidential and will not be used for any other purpose.


Wireless Service

Only  per month

Promotion Includes:

Verizon Wireless
Only $59.99 per month
Promotion Includes:
FREE phone
America's Choice 900
900 Minutes

Only  per month

Promotion Includes:

Only  per month

Promotion Includes:

RELIABILITY – Make sure you choose a wireless provider that is reliable in your area. Talk to others to find out which providers have the best reception. Often buildings interfere with reception, and the weather can also affect range and reliability.


Long Distance Phone Service
State to State Rate:
4.25¢ per min.

InState Rate:
5.6 ¢ per min.

PowerNet Global details:
$3.95 monthly charge
$25 minimum usage
6 Second Billing
Great International Rates

State to State Rate:
5.9¢ per min.

InState Rate:
5.9 ¢ per min.

PowerNet Global Details:
18 second minimum per call
No monthly recurring charge
6 Second Billing
Toll Free numbers available

Long Distance Info: There really is no difference in quality between long distance companies. All companies use the same fiber optic networks to transport their call. Thus, you can make your decision purely upon price, value, and customer service.


Advanced Messaging
Numeric Paging

Sun Telecom ST800:

Reliable Skytel Network
Toll Free Number for Sender Use
Free Message Recall
Metro or National Coverage

Nationwide Now
SkyTalk Voice Mail Option
International Follow Me
Rugged Design

Service starts at:
per month

Pager Cost:
& $20 setup fee

Two Way Paging

Atcom AT100:

Send out to email, pagers, or cellphones
Guaranteed Message Delivery
Free Custom Newscasts
Nationwide Coverage

10 Line Display
Operator Dispatch
Full Keyboard
Caller ID
Service starts at:
per month
Pager Cost:
& $20 setup fee

VOIP Phone Service
Standard VOIP Service

Standard Features:
Uses cable internet or DSL
Unlimited service to US and Canada
Web Portal Feature Management
Hardware included in price
Call Waiting, Forwarding, & Tracing
Voicemail with Email Notification
Speed Dial, Do not disturb, 3 way calling
Instant Redial, Call Rejection & more
Monthly Service Fee:
(plus setup and s/h fee*)

Premium VOIP Service

All Standard Features Plus:
Use Cable Internet, DSL or T1
Unlimited Service to US and Canada
Advanced Web Portal (CommPilot)
Hardware included in Price
Outlook Integration through CommPilot
Selective Call Acceptance & Rejection
Simultaneous Ring
Call Transfer and Consultant Hold

Monthly Service Fee:
(plus setup and s/h fee*)

*Setup fee and shipping & handling varies based on chosen hardware , and starts at $61.95 and $11.50 respectively. A 3% Federal excise tax is also collected on a monthly basis. Other charges may apply to some optional features chosen during signup or certain features are used (such as 411 or international calling) during the term of service.